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 Wolfpack announcement

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PostSubject: Wolfpack announcement   Sun Mar 09, 2014 2:49 am

Just gonna update everyone on the goings on.

We are mostly done with the Wolfpack modpack that we've worked on for so long. And many new mods are in that hopefully will be fun for everyone to use. Including a WIP mod from Tyyppi42 himself, a currency mod for our server. So I hope some proper trading and economy can get going.

FTB's own submission rules state that we have a few things to provide, mostly information and if we have permissions for all the mods we want to include. Good thing is that we have that for almost all mods we want. Only a few are lacking in permissions but we will add those mods in later in an update once we can.
If all goes to plan in general, we will have the pack up and running on the FTB launcher next Thursday, 13th of March! So by then we have swapped on the server. A new map will be found that looks good, so we have a proper area to build a spawn in.

On the same topic, we will have our "End of the world" event on Wednesday, the 12th of March. In which we see the end of our world with nuclear explosives. It won't last long but we hope to see some of you there. A specific time for it all will be announced later. Once the event is over, the server will be brought down until it goes back up once the modpack is available for download.

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Wolfpack announcement
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